Event Details - IAPF Webinar - A Time for Critical Reviews

When: 22/06/2023 for 11:45pm to 1.00pm
Where: Webinar
Cost: Members: €50, Non Members: €100,


Plans are due to complete their triennial Critical Review for Administration and Investment services by April 2024. Law Debenture and Align will provide information for Trustees and Employers on the requirements, timeline and possible approaches to critical reviews. This session is timed to allow time to prepare for the reviews given the number of additional items on the trustees agenda for 2023 and 2024.


This Conference will be allocated CPD hours by the IAPF for on-going trustee training requirements. We will apply for CPD from the relevant bodies. 




Jerry Moriarty, CEO, IAPF


Admin Critical Review
Jamie Goodfellow, Law Debenture Pension Trustees Ireland

Investment Critical Review 
Brian Griffin, Align Advisory


Q&A and further discussion
Elma Fox, IAPF Benefits Committee
Jamie Goodfellow Law Debenture Pension Trustees Ireland
Brian Griffin, Align Advisory
Paul Torsney, Law Debenture Pension Trustees Ireland









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IAPF Benefits Committee / Law Debenture
click on image for biography Paul Torsney
Law Debenture Pension Trustees Ireland
click on image for biography Jamie Goodfellow
Law Debenture Pension Trustees Ireland
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Align Advisory
click on image for biography Jerry Moriarty


Non Member: €100.00 per person

IAPF Member: €50.00 per person

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