Chair: Peter Griffin

APT Workplace Pensions Limited

Benefits Committee Members

Peter Griffin (Chair) - APT Workplace Pensions Limited

Lisa Buckley - Zurich Life Assurance plc 

Elma Fox - Law Debenture Pension Trustees Ireland

Stephen Gillick - Mason Hayes & Curran 

Jonathan Kerr - WTW 

David Main - A&L Goodbody

Ross Mitchell -  PwC

Brian Murray - Liath Actuarial Limited

John O'Connell - Trident Consulting

Paddy Ryan - Aon

Enda Walsh - Irish Life Corporate Business 

Lorna White - Mercer


The Committee has set out objectives for the forthcoming year under two headings:

  • Policy issues – Helping the IAPF to develop positions in relation to national pension issues and to communicate those issues on your behalf.
  • Practical issues –  Providing practical information to IAPF members covering issues such as funding, governance and market trends.


In the context of supporting our IAPF members, our objectives for the year are as follows:

  • To develop and respond to policy recommendations and encourage debate on improvements in legislation that should be sought.
  • Work to be part of the development of the taxation regime to enhance security for members and ensure the continuation of good pension provision in Ireland.
  • To provide purposeful research into the development of pension provision in Ireland.To highlight and educate members on the adequacy of existing pensions.
  • To contribute to the debate on how national pensions coverage under the existing pension system in Ireland could be enhanced.
  • Enhance lines of communication/develop relationships between the IAPF and relevant bodies.
  • To provide members with timely updates on legislative changes, including impact and any consequences.
  • To collate and share information with members on key specific issues.Promote good governance processes and develop and encourage best practice approaches.


In the context of supporting our IAPF members, our objectives for the year are as follows:
  • Provide relevant research to members.
  • Deliver the annual conference and 2 other seminars.
  • Review current IAPF literature and develop where appropriate.Issue regular email updates to members.
  • Provide ongoing representations on improvements in legislation and particularly information to government substantiating the IAPF views on the Pensions Levy, Taxation, the Funding Standard and the Pensions Framework.

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